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History & Structure.
The NSW Bookmakers’ Co-operative Limited was formed in December 1948 and subsequent amalgamations with other Bookmaker Associations and Societies by 1970 resulted in the organisation that functions today representing 95% of licensed Bookmakers in NSW & ACT.

The prime function of the Co-operative is the provision of fidelity guarantees to those bodies controlling the three codes of racing and sports betting NSW and ACT. In the event of a bookmaker default, the Co-operative undertakes, after receipt of a written claim and the determination of the legitimacy of a bet, to pay the sum in respect of which the default is made up to the sum guaranteed as determined by the Racing Authority. In NSW, Bookmakers’ guarantees range from $10,000 to $900,000, the amount being determined by racing code, race venue and bookmakers annual hold. Fortunately defaults are a rare occurrence.

By way of formal submissions and negotiation the Co-operative seeks to improve the service, product, conditions and opportunities for Bookmakers and punters in particular and the Industry in general. The activities of members are governed by a National Code of Conduct.

The Co-operative plays a role in Racing Industry Administration by being represented on the Bookmakers’ Revision Committee (chaired by the Director of the NSW Office of Liquor, Gaming & Racing), Racing Industry Participants Advisory Council, Greyhound Racing Industry Participants Advisory Council and Harness Racing Participants Advisory Council.

The Co-operative is managed by a Board of 18 Directors who give their time without remuneration. Eight Directors are elected by Country Bookmakers’ Associations and ten by all members of the Co-operative. The Executive of the Board comprises Chairman, two vice-Chairman and the Secretary who is a salaried employee.

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