Welcome to the official site of the Australian Bookmakers’ Association. Our Association is the representative body for Australia’s on-course bookmakers on matters of national impact. Our support base is drawn from the state bookmaking associations, their delegates and some 600 on-course bookmakers Australia-wide who provide wagering services to the Australian Racing Industry.

1. To do all things which, in the opinion of State Delegates to the Australian Bookmakers Association Ltd., (ABA) are calculated to protect the interests of State Associations and their members in relation to the conduct of their business or for the furthering or extending or safeguarding the same and for such purpose to expend any of the funds of the Association.

2. To represent and work for those activities which will be for the common good of all Bookmakers and not in the interest of any specific group or association of Bookmakers to the detrimesnt of any other members of the Association or State Associations.

3. At all times to promote the public image of Bookmakers as a whole whatever the medium or locality, specifically to oppose any action or view by any one individual Bookmaker or group or association of Bookmakers as may be detrimental to the public image or benefit of Bookmakers as a whole.

4. To maintain a liaison on behalf of all Bookmakers with the Federal Government, National Racing Administrators and Controlling Authorities and to assist in matters that are deemed necessary to maintain, improve or benefit members of State Associations as a whole.

5. To expend money in any way deemed fit with a view to improving or protecting the status of State Associations and their members in regard to the conduct of their business as registered bookmakers or for otherwise directly or indirectly advancing their interests.

6. To determine and adopt ABA policy whereby if there is one vote per State and there is only one vote dissenting, the motion is passed; if there are at least two votes dissenting, the motion is lost.

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Develop the Australian Bookmakers’ Association as a vibrant and recognised entity which:

• is acknowledged on national issues to be the voice of Australian Bookmakers,
• maintains an up to date Code of Wagering Practice and encourages Australian Bookmakers to operate according to the Code’s guidelines, and
• promotes the Bookmaker image as an integral and wholesome part of the Australian Racing Industry.

To encourage Bookmakers in their wagering activities to:

• commit to excellence in service and strive for continued service improvement,
• demonstrate responsibility and maintain accountability,
• look to constant innovation to ensure best practice,
• treat clients and each other with respect and honesty,
• be enthusiastic towards the continuing improvement of relations with the wagering community,
• maintain client confidentiality and strive for customer loyalty, and
• meet or exceed client expectations